Q: Do the haptic suits fit all sizes?
A: There are six different suits – one for each character. Some are large and fit over the entire body, while others only cover certain areas of the body. Each is adjustable. According to the design team, the suits are one-size-fits-all. This guide will give the best approximation of the suit size ranges:


Q: I have certain food sensitivities/allergies. Will I be able to participate?
A: Each character has a different set of foods. The allergens are as follows:

– Sulfites
– Milk, Sulfites
– Gluten, Milk, Sulfites
– Gluten, Milk, Egg, Sulfites
– Egg, Soy, Sulfites
– Egg, Sulfites
– Milk
No Allergens
No Allergens

Any or all of the food elements can be omitted. If you have a food allergy not listed above, please let us know.

Q: I’m sensitive to scent. Can I opt out of that part of the experience?
A: Of course. Just let the staff know during onboarding. However, the scent does fill the space, so Symbiosis is not advised for anyone who is highly sensitive to scent.

Q: I’m pregnant. Is it safe for me to participate?
A: There is one scent that is inadvisable for pregnant or nursing participants. Let the staff know in advance and they will not initiate that aroma.

Q: Is Symbiosis suitable for all ages? If not, what are the minimum and maximum age recommendations?
A: This experience can be enjoyed by almost all ages, but is recommended for 12 and up. Since children develop at different rates, this is at the discretion of the parent/caregiver. Nothing is unsuitable for children, but as far as the other end of the age spectrum, there is no maximum age as long as the participant is not sensitive to motion.

Q: Does this experience require standing or can I be seated?
A: There are two characters out of the five in Symbiosis that can be seated.

  • Camilla can be used by participants who would like to be seated, though the suiting process requires the user to stand briefly
  • The Multibody: A.I. can be used by participants who are unable to stand during the suiting process and this participant can remain seated

Suppose there is more than one participant who needs to remain seated. In that case, it is still possible to experience Symbiosis without a suit and accompanying scents but will still experience the VR, audio, scent, and food.

Q: I have trouble standing unassisted for long periods of time. Can I participate?
A: Yes. There are certain character suits that allow for support. Just let the host know during onboarding and they will recommend a suit that fits your personal needs.

Q: What exactly do the soft robots in the suits do?
A: The suits are designed to gently guide your body toward specific movements or to better experience the world of Symbiosis. The participant will still be able to move their body in the suit.

Q: I’m blind or have low vision. Am I still able to participate?
A: This is a multi-sensory experience and we welcome you to participate. Symbiosis has been performed with participants who are blind with great success. If needed, please reach out and we will work with you individually to find out your specific preferences and make a plan.

Q: Is the exhibition space accessible?
A: Symbiosis takes place in the PAM CUT building at 934 SW Salmon St. There is a slight ramp at the doorway and when you arrive, a host will open the door. There is a flat floor leading into the exhibition space, to the lobby area, and into the single-user accessible restrooms.

Q: What COVID precautions are in place?

  • Suit Cleaning: The suits are wiped down regularly inside and out
  • Headset Cleaning: The headsets are cleaned daily using a CleanBox. Between each session, the headsets are cleaned with an alcohol wipe. If you’d like, there is an optional disposable barrier that you can wear that separates the headgear from your skin.
  • PAM CUT staff masking: PAM CUT follows PAM’s masking policy: In accordance with state COVID-19 guidelines, visitors and staff are no longer required to wear masks while in the Museum and PAM CUT spaces. We encourage and support individuals to make masking choices that best suit them.

Q: What are the suits made of?
A: The suits are predominantly made using SkyLeather, a synthetic leather typically used in automotive interiors. All suits are vegan-friendly. Some of the suits cover more of the body than others and it is recommended to wear layers to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Q: I’d like to bring a group of 6, but it won’t let me book that many in my time slot. What do I do?
A: That means that some of the other slots in that time window are sold. Please try a different time slot.

A note about the onboarding process: This is a multi-user experience and some characters interact more physically than others. The PAM CUT staff is trained to fit the haptic suits onto each participant in a matter than is respectful, but we are aware that everyone has a different tolerance for personal space. The multi-body suit does connect two participants physically through connecting suits as seen below.

Two Symbiosis participants are wearing VR headsets and headphones, as well as a faux leather suit with which one participant's hands are fixed to the other participant's shoulders

A note from our staff: This is a new and exciting art installation and the PAM CUT staff will continue to learn how to improve the experience for all participants. If you have concerns about your access needs, you feel more comfortable scheduling later in the exhibition after the staff has had more experience navigating access needs.