Starting March 19, 2022

Come one, come all! Come feast your eyes on a brand new series brought you by The Center for an Untold Tomorrow – that’s right, PAM CUT proudly presents TILDA-WHIRL. Starting March 19, PAM CUT brings you films from the one, the only, the wickedly talented, shape-shifting, genre-defying, international superstar TILDA SWINTON.

So step right up to the TILDA-WHIRL and let the Center for an Untold Tomorrow SWINvite you to the Whitsell Auditorium and SWIN your hearts and minds with the incredible talents of Ms. Tilda Swinton.

PAM CUT is no longer requiring visitors to wear masks in the Whitsell Auditorium, but we want our community to feel safe, so we are still requiring proof of vaccination. We thank you for your cooperation and hope to see you soon!


Saturday, April 2 @ 12:00pm


Saturday, April 2 @ 3:00pm

I Am Love

Friday, April 8 @ 6:00pm
Saturday, April 9 @ 12:00pm

Presented on 35mm


Saturday, April 9 @ 3:00pm


Friday, May 27 @ 7:00pm

As part of Memoria’s “Never-ending release”!