Intro to 360/VR Filmmaking

Saturdays – November 5, 12, 19
10 am – 1 pm
PAM CUT – 934 SW Salmon St.
Ages 16+

Instructor: Rachel Bracker, Hungry Mantis VR
Cost: $250

Only 3 spots left!

Imagine telling a story in virtual reality… with a full 360° at your disposal, how will you direct your audience’s attention to the action in your scene? What elements of embodied presence will you use to your advantage? And what about this story in particular is enhanced by the innovative medium of VR? Learn all this and more in PAM CUT’s first VR filmmaking workshop. Up to 10 students can enroll in a 3-part course taught by experts in the field.

Participants will:
•watch + analyze VR films
• learn the basics of working with 360 cameras + 360 video editing
• co-create an original 360/VR experience

Bring your curiosity and creativity to this unique workshop. Ages 16+ may enroll and no prior filmmaking or VR experience is required.

Artist Instructor bio:
Rachel Bracker is a 360/VR filmmaker and traditional video editor with a passion for immersive storytelling. At Hungry Mantis, she works with clients to create 360 videos for VR training, education, entertainment, and customized virtual tours. In her 360 docuseries “With the Wind and the Stars,” she uses VR to put viewers inside the cockpit alongside notable women in aviation. She has a master’s degree in multimedia journalism from the University of Oregon, where she first encountered VR storytelling. Rachel believes VR has the power to educate and inspire audiences by providing access to new places, people, and ideas in an unforgettable way.

Rachel will be joined during the 2nd session by her Hungry Mantis co-founder, Forrest Brennan. Forrest is experienced in all areas of post-production including editing, VFX, motion graphics, 3D modeling, rotoscoping and audio mixing. He’s been working with 360 since 2015 and is an avid scuba diver, licensed drone pilot, and bicyclist. Some of his favorite projects include filming Zombie Cats from Mars, teaching video production to high school students in Oregon, and learning how to scuba dive for a 360 video in the Red Sea for 360 Labs.