Illustrated Storyworld

June 19 – 23
1 pm – 5 pm
PAM CUT – 934 SW Salmon St.
Ages 11-14

Instructor: Jack Kent
Cost: $450

Illustrated Storyworld is a 5-day camp for children aged 11-14 that delves into the world of graphic novels and zines. Through a combination of group discussions and hands-on projects, campers will learn how to create their own illustrated stories and develop their own unique illustration style. Campers will also get a chance to explore the history and cultural impact of graphic novels and learn about the different techniques used to make them. By the end of the camp, campers will have created their own zine or mini graphic novel to take home.

Artist Instructor Bio:
Growing up in the small town of Newport, Oregon, Jack was surrounded by plenty of inspiration from the Pacific Northwest. Jack would create little comics n’ doodles to share with his school buddies. Making people smile through art was all he wanted to do. His life goal was to become a cartoonist. Jack moved to Portland after graduating high school and studied graphic design, cartooning, writing, and music. Jack began to create a myriad of toons.

Jack’s Sketchy People celebrates the unique residents of the Rose City. Simple sketches noted with a time and place brings Portland to life in Jack’s “sketchy” cartooning style. During the pandemic, Jack’s design and character creation came in handy for the Emmy nominated PBS Kids show, Pandemic Playhouse. Gulls is a blend of music and comics. Join the flock and see this unique brand of squawk n’ roll! As a member of the National Cartoonist Society, Jack has had many of his comics published. You can find his Sketchy People and Minus Tide comics printed in the Willamette Week.

Sharing art and creating laughs, it’s still all Jack wants to do. See all of Jack’s toons n’ art at