AUGMENTOPIA // Animation for AR

July 10 – 14
1 pm – 5 pm
PAM CUT – 934 SW Salmon St.
Ages 11-14

Instructor: TBD
Cost: $450

Immerse yourself in the world of augmented reality animation at our 5-day summer camp for tweens! This camp is designed for kids ages 11-14 who are interested in exploring the exciting field of animation in augmented reality.

Each day, campers will work together to create an illustrated story as well as a custom app that brings what’s on the page to life! In addition to learning animation skills, campers will also have the opportunity to view other examples and applications of creative AR and learn about the latest advancements in AR technology. They will also be encouraged to collaborate with other campers and work together to create a final group project that will be showcased on the last day of camp.

By the end of the camp, campers will have a solid foundation in animation and AR, and will have a final project to share with friends and family.