Alternative Animation

July 5 – 7
1 pm – 5 pm
PAM CUT – 934 SW Salmon St.
Ages 8-11

Instructor: Emma Rae Prochaska
Cost: $270

In this 3-day summer camp, kids aged 8-11 will dive into the world of animation using non-traditional objects. With the guidance of experienced animators, they will use everyday items like paper, rocks, or even food to bring their wildest ideas to life. The possibilities are endless, whether it’s animating the story of President Dorito or the tale of Canny La Croix, the Pamplemousse Poacher of Portland. The kids will learn how to use these alternative materials in unique ways and create interesting visual effects. They will also develop their creativity and problem-solving skills as they work together to bring their animations to life. At the end of the week, the kids will have the opportunity to showcase their works to their family and friends and present an introduction about how and why they chose to use their alternative materials. It is a camp that will be filled with fun and learning, and the kids will be excited to show off their completed work to their friends and family