2023 PAM CUT Summer Camps

This Summer, PAM CUT presents a series of summer camps inspired by the art and craft of the eagerly anticipated Portland Art Museum exhibition, Guillermo del Toro: Crafting Pinocchio

Much like Pinocchio in Guillermo Del Toro’s stop-motion masterpiece, this series of camps is designed for imaginations that aren’t content to be contained! Seasoned artist instructors will engage the region’s creative minds with camps that cover different aspects and explorations of the art of animation — including gaming, design, stop-motion, AR, and more!

June 19 – 23

Illustrated Storyworld

Ages 11 – 14
Stretch your illustration skills and make your own zine!

Artist Instructor: Jack Kent

June 26 – 30

Frame by Frame // Intro to Stop Motion Animation

Ages 8 – 11
Learn how to animate using supplies you may have at home!

Artist Instructor: Andrés Eduardo

2nd Session Added: July 17-21

July 5 – 7

Alternative Animation

Ages 8 – 11
A 3-day crash course in animating using common objects

Artist Instructor: Emma Rae Prochaska

July 10 – 14

AUGMENTOPIA // Animation for AR

Ages 11 – 14
Learn how to create your own augmented reality animations!

July 17 – 21
2nd Session

Frame by Frame // Intro to Stop Motion Animation

Ages 8 – 11
Learn how to animate using supplies you may have at home!

July 24 – 28

GAME JAM! // Animation for Video Game Design

Ages 11 – 14
Work as a team to build a custom animated video game!

Artist Instructor: Ian Levesque

July 31 – August 4

Everything Animation!

Ages 8 – 11
Learn the basics of a few animation styles!

Artist Instructor: Emma Rae Prochaska

August 7 – 11

ToonTunes! // Animation and Music Videos

Ages 11 – 14
Create an animated music video!

Artist Instructor: Evelyn Jane Ross

August 14 – 18

Creature Creation

Ages 8 – 11
Build your own roster of cooky creatures!

Artist Instructor: Fry

Camp descriptions may change slightly. If you registered before changes were made, you will be notified of significant changes.

PAM / PAM CUT Members are eligible for a 20% discount. Contact membership@pam.org if you aren’t able to find the member discount code.

All camps are fully refundable up to 3 weeks prior to the start date. After this period, and up until 1 week before the camp begins, an 80% refund is available. After then, refunds are not available.

Questions? Email colaboratory@pamcut.org