Professional Development Workshop

March 23
6 – 8 pm
PAM CUT // 934 SW Salmon St


Join PAM CUT, and attorneys Rachel Strom and Christopher Weathers on a deep dive into the world of Rights, Clearances, and Fair Use for media projects including film, television, video games, XR, etc. This professional development workshop, supported by the Oregon Film and Video Office’s Creative Opportunity Program will take a closer look at just what it entails for a media maker to inquire about, license, or incorporate into their project intellectual property such as music, images, artwork, and more. Along for the ride, seasoned producer David Cress will provide real-world examples of issues that have arisen on productions and how they could have been avoided. This is an in-person workshop with ample time for question and answer. 

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Copyright Infringement
  • Trademarked Works
  • Fair Use 
  • Terms of Usage
  • Permissions and Releases
  • Length of time needed to acquire for production
  • Similarities or differences in regard to types of media productions

About Rachel
Rachel’s passion and resourcefulness in upholding the speech rights of her clients has won her tremendous client loyalty. Rachel knows her clients’ business, their risk tolerance, and their priorities, so she can be a true counselor and provide service particularized to them.

She represented media companies in defamation, invasion of privacy and copyright matters, including researching and writing dispositive motions, taking and defending depositions, questioning trial witnesses, drafting appellate and post-trial briefs, and presenting oral argument in trial and appellate courts. In addition to helping lead high-stakes litigation matters for traditional media clients as described above, Rachel has carved out a distinct position as a digital media specialist, providing pre-publication review for a host of important new media upstarts.

About Christopher
Chris Weathers works strategically and efficiently to provide creators with first-class media, entertainment, and other content-related legal services. For many clients, Chris acts as the point person for their day-to-day development and production legal needs.

Chris services audio, audio-visual, performance art, video game, esports, and print and digital media productions and platforms for major industry players, as well as independent and startup companies. Chris also assists companies in industries outside of media and entertainment with their content-related needs.

This class will be limited to 25 registrants.