Artists in Residency Program

Over the course of three to six months, an artist or collaborative group will be given access to the PAM CUT facilities and select staff for the use of development including planning, rehearsing, showcasing, and feedback sessions. Included in the residency is any equipment currently belonging to PAM CUT that might be of use to the artist(s) such as the traditional film and video making equipment, audio equipment and devices, computer lab, VR headset(s), animation tablets, and more. 

Additionally, through our extensive network of professionals working in the creative fields, the artist(s) will further be given an opportunity to speak with, learn from, and potentially utilize, based upon availability, these professionals for the artist(s) project.

An honorarium of $2500 will be provided to the artist, even if the “artist” is a group of more than one, per residency. For example, a Fall artist in residence will receive $2500. A Spring artist in residence will receive $2500 etc. 

As part of the residency, the artist(s) will agree to discuss their work with the public, conduct a Co:Laboratory workshop, and partake in an exhibition of work that is eventually created during or beginning with the residency. 

For artists coming in from out of town, we would be able to arrange for 5 nights of lodging. 

As part of the development of PAM CUT’s Artist Services program, we seek to continually support the growth of artists working in the creative storytelling realm. Through grants and fiscal sponsorship, our NEA-backed Sustainability Labs, professional development workshops, and a residency program, we aim to be an organization in which these artists, both locally, and nationally, may look towards for aiding their journey forward in allowing their stories to be seen, heard, and experienced, by audiences near and far. 

The residency program will be held twice a year, once in the Spring, and once in the Fall. 

As our organization shifts gears along with the continually changing media environment, we strive to keep pace with the many mediums artists are willing to engage with to bring their stories to new audiences. We understand the need to provide a space for creation, experimentation, discussion, collaboration, and ultimately growth for artists. Our residencies will act as incubators, allowing artists to work on bringing a project to life that will continue to challenge the understanding of what cinema can be and is. Our artists in residence will become a part of our community, helping us grow as we continue to help them further their capabilities of branching out into new and different worlds of storytelling. 

The artist(s) would be free to come and go as they please as long as they abide by the Museum and PAM CUT’s rules and regulations. Likewise, the artist(s) will adjust their schedule as needed if the facilities will be in use by an education or exhibition program. The artist(s) will work with the Head of Artist Services to reserve for their practice any equipment, work space, or time with internal and external professional support so that both artist(s) and PAM CUT staff can develop their partnership with continuity.

For more information or to inquire about residency opportunities, contact Ben Popp –