Fiscal Sponsorship

PAM CUT is pleased as punch to announce that we are now offering a Fiscal Sponsorship program for multi-media artists working in Film, Television, Gaming, Immersive and Interactive Media, Animation, Podcasts and more! 

What is Fiscal Sponsorship one may ask? Well simply put, it is the process by which an artist may utilize a Non-Profit’s tax-exempt status to solicit tax-deductible funds to help them pay for the creation of a work, such as a film, television pilot, immersive experience, audio storytelling project, and more. PAM CUT, the Sponsor, is the funds holder for monies raised through grants, foundations, private donations, etc., and works with the artist, the Sponsee, to distribute these funds to the project when needed. In addition to being a Sponsor, PAM CUT will help promote the project through social media, hosting an event, or workshop, as well as assisting with any potential resources we may have available for use*.

Application and Rules on what can be fiscally sponsored can be downloaded below.

Applications are on a rolling basis and will be juried by a panel of PAM CUT and Portland Art Museum staff, based upon the application, budget, and timeline of the project as well as how it relates to our mission of challenging for whom, by whom, and how cinematic stories are told. 

Please note that as part of the application process, PAM CUT and the Portland Art Museum will require a Fundraising Plan that states who the project will be reaching out to for funds. This includes grants, foundations, crowdfunding companies, and individual donors. A project budget will also be required to apply. 

PAM CUT will also offer these services if your project is selected to be sponsored.

  • 1 PAM e-news posting reaching over 125K, 1 PAM CUT e-news reaching over 25K* 
  • 2 Social Media Posts*
  • Listing of project on our website*
  • QR code and Giving Tree donation link 
  • Access to Facility Resources
  • Exhibition and Workshop Opportunities

For more information please reach out to Head of Artist Services Ben Popp –

Fee Structure 

Project Donations receivedFee Percentage
Up to $100,0007%
$100,001 to $200,0006%
$200,001 and above5%


Send your completed forms to

*Note: PAM CUT cannot solicit donations 


Genre Flick is a queer romcom about a pansexual movie theater worker who’s invited on a series of dates by his customers, all of whom are trapped in the genres of the films they’ve just seen. This bawdy, 90s-style indie short, inspired by the works of Gregg Araki and Kevin Williamson, will be filmed and take place at a historic theater in Portland.

Visit Genre Flick’s Linktree for more information.

Fogtown logo over the rooftops of a foggy city

Fogtown is a puppet-lead comedic mystery-adventure TV series that follows the exploits of the brilliant (but easily distracted) Sherblock, and his ever-devoted companion Blockson. Fogtown is a show unlike any other, combining the powers of cutting-edge virtual production techniques and the timeless charm of handmade puppets.

Visit for more information.