Introducing PAM CUT

Fifty years ago, the Northwest Film Center was founded as a place for artists and audiences to experience and explore the magical, immersive world of cinema. That spirit remains, but let’s just say a lot has changed.

So who are we, you ask?

Changing for whom, by whom, and how cinematic stories are told is our mission, but every great story, including our own, can expand, grow and take on new forms. 

All to say, the Northwest Film Center’s name is also ch-ch-ch-changing. 

The Film Center is now the Center for an Untold Tomorrow (CUT) and is ready to walk hand in hand with the Portland Art Museum as PAM CUT into the future. 

READ THE ANNOUNCEMENT: The Northwest Film Center is now PAM CUT // Center for an Untold Tomorrow

What will change?

Nothing and everything. 

Of Portland, for all, we exist to expand the story and write our next chapter alongside our vibrant creative community who are no longer content to be contained. 

We’re here for embracing storytelling in all its many forms from around the corner and across the globe, and also embracing the artists who want to express themselves in a variety of ways and don’t fit in neat little boxes. We’re here for audiences and communities who want to share experiences through our participatory, vibrant, ever-evolving and unbound programming too. 

One thing we do know is that whatever the form or format, the stories we champion and deliver will expand (and occasionally bend) minds. They will shift perspectives and encourage shared experiences. 

Who is it for?

Let’s go beyond, together. 

If you love movies, we’re here for you. Ditto art, music, dance, and all the things that make Portland—and life—grand! You are welcome. 

But if you’re just up for adventure, to be a part of a grand artistic experiment, to have some fun and try new things, we’re throwing the doors wide open to you too.  Our participatory screenings, interactive and immersive events Co:Laboratory classes, artist and community programs are here to explore and we’re anything but one size fits all around here. So come on in!