About Us

Founded in 1971 as the Northwest Film Center, PAM CUT is a Portland, OR-based year-round organization that expands the reach of cinema as an art form and challenges for whom, by whom, and how stories can be told. Learn about the name change.

Through its non-traditional, unbound festivals, screenings, events, Co:Laboratory adult and youth classes and workshops, audiences and artists form connections that bind our community and encourage a more vibrant, accessible, and diverse media-arts ecosystem. 

Celebrating artists and storytellers not content to be contained to one medium or platform, PAM CUT also acts as an advocate both locally and globally.  Focusing on pioneering, multi-faceted filmmakers and artists, the organization provides artist services, sustainability opportunities, ongoing education, and platforms for voices that might not otherwise be heard. 

As a vital part of the Portland Art Museum, PAM CUT and its work serves as a catalyst for cultural appreciation, conversation, and collaboration around new ways of seeing in the Northwest and beyond. 

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